Do you wish you could make a change in your community?

With the constant defunding of public programs now is the time to give back to your community by providing a safe haven for learning and creativity. By supporting programs like Initiative, you are taking the first step towards changing the dynamics of your community.

Do you believe our education system is failing us?
Despite our advances in technology, one area in our society has remained untouched and dominated by its traditional archaic roots, the education system. In order to ensure that our children, can survive today’s school system and thrive within it, we must change the way we teach, because the way they learn has changed. The current methods of education do not provide a way for today’s students to use their seemingly innate technology skills in the classroom.
Do you want the opportunity to take a hands-on approach to learning?

Initiative is full of hands-on exhibits and online interactive content that facilitate learning at a personal and creative level. Students and community members alike can use Initiative as a platform to take a new perspective on learning as a whole.

So how does it work?

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With plans to open Spring 2020, help us raise money for this non-profit educational museum by visiting our contact us page or our donations page.

Keep striving to learn more and take a hold of your education

Whether you're six or sixty, learning should never stop. Take the Initiative to keep your brain active and educated.